At LEMAN, our foundational core values of respect, quality, and commitment are more than just words, they are the guiding principles behind our actions and decisions. We understand that to foster a successful career in logistics, these values must be deeply integrated into our work culture. 

Expanding horizons with global opportunities 

As we broaden our global footprint, our dedication to our core values remains unwavering. We’re not just offering jobs; we’re offering careers that span continents, filled with opportunities for professional growth and learning. Our commitment is what drives us to maintain high standards of service, regardless of where in the world we operate. 

Embracing diversity as a source of strength 

Our diverse team is our greatest asset. With operations across various cultures and markets, we’ve learned that embracing diversity is key to our strength and success. It enriches our perspective, enhances creativity, and fosters innovation, making LEMAN a dynamic place to work. 

Making a meaningful impact 

By staying true to our core values and leveraging our global diversity, we aim to make a significant impact, not just in the logistics industry, but in the lives of our colleagues and the communities we serve. At LEMAN, you are part of a team that’s making a difference, providing an environment where careers flourish and contributions are valued. 

Join us in shaping the future of logistics, where your career growth is built on the solid foundation of respect, quality, and commitment. 

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Bureaucracy is where passion, fun and human dignity goes to die slowly, but surely! Collaboration and fundamental trust in our fellow human beings is the new cornerstone!

Camilla Miehs, Chief People Officer, LEMAN Group 

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Lucy, Senior Customs Coordinator working at office

“I thoroughly enjoy working at LEMAN. I’ve gained much knowledge and am supported by an amazing team, who have become friends. I highly recommend LEMAN for its kind, friendly, and supportive work environment.” 

Lucy, Senior Customs Coordinator, LEMAN UK

“At LEMAN, you can engage in everything from bookkeeping to large business cases, feeling like a vital part of the company’s decisions and growth. We enjoy significant work freedom, respecting individual life balance, making LEMAN a modern workplace.” 

Lasse, Business Controller, Group Finance 

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Danielle, portrait

“I was drawn to LEMAN by the team atmosphere and camaraderie. In operations, we collaborate effectively, sharing knowledge and skills. Management trusts us and provides the necessary tools while allowing us to manage our responsibilities.” 

Danielle, Ocean Import Supervisor, LEMAN US 

I work with the country CEO to drive strategic and commercial growth in China, enhancing LEMAN’s operations. Leading the LEMAN football team has been a highlight, promoting our brand and building industry connections. I’m proud to contribute to our success and enjoy making a positive impact. 

Kevin, Chief Operating Officer, LEMAN China 

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Global offices and a legacy of excellence

At LEMAN, we’re not just about the local scene; we have a global presence with opportunities right around the corner and across the world. With trainee positions available all over the world, there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect spot close to home. But that’s just the beginning. We boast offices throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, offering fantastic opportunities for those looking to take their careers international.

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Celebrating over 120 years of history

LEMAN stands as one of the world’s oldest freight forwarding companies, founded in 1900 by Paul Lehmann. Our culture is both strong and proud, driven by a dedicated team passionate about carrying on a thrilling business legacy. We regularly celebrate milestones like service anniversaries, underscoring the deep camaraderie and supportive atmosphere that makes LEMAN a unique place to work. 

For someone with ambitions and a knack for logistics, LEMAN offers the perfect blend of local roots and global reach, backed by a century-long heritage that inspires excellence and innovation. Join us and be part of a team that values history while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in logistics. 

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What would you do if you were given one or two months’ financially supported time off? 

Understanding the importance of taking time off to rejuvenate and refocus, we’re thrilled to present an optional paid sabbatical program accessible to all our colleagues at LEMAN. 

This initiative is designed to offer our colleagues the flexibility to take a meaningful break, with the aim of returning to work feeling refreshed and invigorated. 

Other Benefits

Work from home 

At LEMAN, we embrace the flexibility of working from home, understanding it’s essential for balancing work and personal life. This approach not only enhances productivity but also supports our colleagues’ well-being by reducing commute times and enabling a more personalised work environment. We believe in trusting our team to deliver exceptional results, no matter where they are. 

Work from abroad

We recognise the value of global perspectives and the desire for exploration. Working from abroad allows our colleagues to immerse themselves in different cultures and environments, sparking creativity and innovation. This opportunity strengthens our global connectivity and reflects our commitment to accommodating diverse working styles and preferences. 

Maternity & paternity leave 

Supporting our colleagues during significant life events is paramount. Our maternity and paternity leave policies reflect our commitment to family values and the well-being of our team members and their families. By ensuring ample time off, we aim to provide a supportive and understanding workplace that respects the importance of these precious moments. 

Paid sabbatical opportunity 

LEMAN offers sabbatical opportunities as a testament to our belief in the importance of rest, personal growth, and exploration. Encouraging our colleagues to take extended breaks allows them to pursue personal interests, volunteer, travel, or simply recharge. This initiative highlights our understanding that a well-rounded life experience contributes to a happier, more productive team. 

Monthly feedback and temperature checks 

At LEMAN, we prioritize open dialogue through monthly surveys, enabling us to gauge the well-being and satisfaction of our colleagues. This approach helps us swiftly address concerns, adapt to feedback, and foster a culture of continuous improvement. It’s a key part of our commitment to maintaining a positive and responsive work environment, ensuring every voice within LEMAN is heard and valued. 

More to Come

At LEMAN, we’re continually evolving and enhancing our range of benefits. Our commitment to creating an exceptional workplace means we’re always looking for innovative ways to support our colleagues’ professional and personal lives. We develop new perks and programs, all designed with our team’s well-being and satisfaction in mind. This ongoing effort reflects our dedication to ensuring LEMAN remains a place where everyone can thrive and feel valued. 

Want to learn more about being a trainee at LEMAN in Denmark? 

Keen on diving into a career that’s all about innovation, global opportunities, and making real-world impacts? Chat with Anette Bargmann to discover how you can thrive in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that values your growth, offers the flexibility to balance work and life, and connects you with a global network. Plus, you’ll be joining a team that celebrates your achievements and supports your professional journey every step of the way. 

  • Global Reach, local touch 
  • Continuous learning & growth 
  • Flexibility for a modern work-life balance 
  • Commitment to sustainability & community 

Please note that while we value international perspectives, our program is designed according to Danish educational standards and requires Danish proficiency. We are actively planning to expand this program to other LEMAN locations globally, aiming to provide a similar enriching experience across our network soon.

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Discover LEMAN: A legacy of logistics excellence since 1900. As a global transport and logistics provider operating all over the world, our roots run deep, embodying a rich history while embracing the future. Explore how our enduring commitment to innovation and sustainability makes us a trusted partner in a constantly evolving world. 

Our strategy on sustainability is rooted in minimizing our environmental footprint and fostering a supply chain with less negative environmental impact. Through the installation of solar panels on our headquarters and many logistic facilities and the shift towards lithium battery forklifts at one of our facilities in Denmark, we are trying to move the needle in the right direction. 

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