Discover yourLEMAN: Your portal to simplified logistics

Welcome to yourLEMAN, our online portal designed to revolutionise the way you manage logistics. With a focus on speed, ease, and user-friendliness, yourLEMAN empowers you to create bookings with just a few clicks. But that’s just the beginning. Customise your booking overview with adaptable user layouts, allowing you to generate comprehensive, detail-rich reports tailored to your needs. These reports can be effortlessly exported to spreadsheets for further analysis and sharing.

yourLEMAN goes beyond booking. It offers extensive Track & Trace options, including vessel, AWB, and container tracking. This feature ensures you have real-time visibility over your shipments, providing peace of mind and enabling better planning. Moreover, the convenience extends to documentation – print labels and CMR waybills directly from the system, streamlining your operations.

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Track CO₂ emissions easily and free with yourLEMAN

As a LEMAN customer, monitoring your CO₂ emissions of each shipment is straightforward and cost-free. Our customer portal not only simplifies booking and tracking but also champions eco-friendly practices by offering detailed emissions data at no extra charge. This commitment to sustainability is part of our effort to support your environmental goals, providing you with essential insights to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Embrace a more sustainable approach to logistics with yourLEMAN and make informed decisions that benefit both your business and the planet. For more details or to customise the portal to fit your needs, contact your local LEMAN specialist today.

Fast track your shipments with LEMAN Express online booking

Experience the speed and convenience of LEMAN Express through our online booking portal. Designed for rapid access and ease of use, our platform ensures you can swiftly book your express shipments.

With our integrated Track & Trace feature, you have the power to monitor your shipments every step of the way – from the moment our courier picks them up to the point of delivery. Make LEMAN Express your go-to for reliable and efficient express shipping solutions.

Seamless collaboration with LEMAN EDI integration

Elevate your business efficiency with our EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration solutions. By onboarding with LEMAN using our standard EDI formats, you unlock a streamlined and effective way of conducting business.

This integration fosters simplicity and transparency, facilitating a smoother operational flow between you and LEMAN. Experience the ease of collaborative business with our EDI solution, designed to make logistics and transportation more efficient than ever.

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