These new trucks in our fleet operates on biofuel. By choosing biofuel, we reduce our environmental impact and take a step forward in our commitment to lowering our climate footprint.

This initiative is part of our ongoing efforts to innovate in eco-friendly transportation, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability and responsible logistics.

Truck running on biofuel
Windmills landscape

Environment and climate change

Over recent years, we have reduced our CO₂e footprint in regards to Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, and we will set new goals for how we can move forward. We prioritise the efficient use of energy and incorporate environmental considerations into every decision, aiming to protect and preserve our planet for future generations.. We are very keen to collaborate with our customers to reduce both their and our emissions.

As a company that strives to reduce the climate impact of our operations, we measure our own carbon footprint and support our customers’ environmental ambitions by allowing our customers to see their CO₂e emissions per shipment free of charge.

Strategy on environment and climate change

Our strategy on environment and climate change is rooted in minimizing our environmental footprint and fostering a supply chain with less negative environmental impact. Through the installation of solar panels on our headquarters and many logistic facilities, and the shift towards lithium battery forklifts at one of our facilities in Denmark, we are trying to move the needle in the right direction.

LEMAN leads as Norway’s first 3PL supplier to harness solar energy

Embracing our commitment to sustainability, LEMAN has proudly become the first commercial 3PL provider in Norway to integrate solar energy. Spanning 8,000 square meters, our Vestby warehouse is now equipped with state-of-the-art solar cell panels. Annually, these panels generate roughly 1,160,000 kWh of green energy, fulfilling nearly 60 percent of the facility’s energy needs and marking a significant step towards our goal of a greener future. 

Solar energy Norway
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Jamie Zhou, culture manager

At LEMAN, we prioritize working collaboratively with our customers to minimize our environmental impact.

Jamie Zhou, People & Culture Manager

Track your shipment’s CO₂e Emissions with yourLEMAN 

In our pursuit of reducing the climate impact of our operations, we not only measure our own carbon footprint but also empower our customers in their goals. Through yourLEMAN, customers can now effortlessly view the CO₂e emissions for each of their shipments, offered at no additional cost, aligning with our shared commitment.  

Emissions tracker
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“At LEMAN, we recognize the importance of every step taken towards reducing emissions.

We are experimenting with various approaches, understanding that each effort, no matter how small, contributes to our larger environmental goals.”

Kenneth Willumsen, Team Lead Pharma
LEMAN Denmark

Lithium-ION chargers contribute to charging systems

At LEMAN’s warehouse in Taulov, we use Lithium-ION batteries in our chargers and work towards replacing all fork-lifts with Lithium ION-powered models. 

This is a step towards a supply chain with less environmental impact and we plan to expand the model to other areas of the LEMAN organisations over the next couple of years. 

forklift Lithium-ION charger
Leman rooftop solar panels
LEM;AN warehouse

“In our journey to decrease emissions, LEMAN is cautiously exploring a range of solutions. We acknowledge the complexity of this challenge and are committed to learning and adapting our strategies to make meaningful progress.”

Lasse Silkjaer, Vice President Air Freight,


Health and Safety

Creating a safe work environment is paramount. We strive to minimise risks, prevent accidents, and shield our colleagues from hazardous conditions, always ensuring their well-being.

Working Conditions

We uphold dignity, respect, and human rights, adhering to national laws regarding employment. Our policies strictly prohibit child labour and discrimination, ensuring fair work practices, training, and safety for all colleagues.

Sea freight


Integrity guides our actions. We adhere to international and national laws, rejecting corruption in all forms.

Our commitment to transparency and accountability is unwavering, ensuring ethical conduct in every aspect of our operations.

Sustainability & Values

Our commitment to sustainability is deeply intertwined with our core values of respect, quality, and commitment.

These values guide our approach to sustainability, ensuring that respect underpins our interactions and policies, striving for the highest quality in our environmental, health, and safety initiatives, and embodying our unwavering commitment to ethical practices and positive working conditions.

Through this alignment, our sustainability efforts not only reflect our dedication to doing what is right for our planet and people, but also reinforce the fundamental principles that define LEMAN as a trusted and responsible global logistics partner.

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