We pride ourselves on operating eco-friendly warehouses. Our sustainability initiatives include energy-efficient lighting, solar power installations, CO₂ reducing battery forklifts, paperless workflow, and waste reduction programs, all designed to minimise our carbon footprint. We believe it is our responsibility to lead by example in the fight against climate change, aiming to make our operations sustainable and encouraging our partners to join us in this vital endeavor.


Secure and flexible storage solutions tailored to keep your goods safe and accessible, ready to meet the dynamic demands of your business. 

Pick & Pack 

Efficient pick and pack services designed to streamline your order fulfillment process, ensuring accuracy and speed from warehouse to customer.

Compliance Labelling 

Comprehensive compliance labelling services to meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring your products are ready for their destination markets. 


Flexible repacking services to adapt your products to market demands, seasonal promotions, or regulatory requirements, always maintaining the highest quality standards. 


Expert repair services for damaged goods, minimising waste and maximising product lifespan, all handled with care and precision by our skilled technicians. 


At LEMAN, our warehousing solutions are designed to meet the diverse and evolving needs of your business. Whether your storage requirements span a few hundred cases or extend to several thousands of pallets, our services are tailored to provide the utmost flexibility and efficiency.

With pallet positions strategically located across the LEMAN Group, we offer comprehensive solutions that go beyond only storage.

Our expertise encompasses pick and pack services, complete pallet management, and specialized handling, ensuring that your goods are stored, managed, and distributed with precision and care. 

Selected offerings

Our warehousing facilities cater to a wide range of storage needs, from small-scale requirements to extensive pallet storage, ensuring optimal space utilisation. 

Specialised solutions: A significant portion of our capacity is dedicated to specialised solutions e.g. foodstuff, with strict adherence to cleaning, pest control,   temperature monitoring and humidity to maintain product integrity. 

Specialised food storage: A significant portion of our capacity is dedicated to foodstuffs, with strict adherence to cleaning, pest control, temperature monitoring and humidity to maintain product integrity. 

Pick and pack services: Our efficient pick and pack services are designed to streamline your order fulfillment process, enhancing the speed and accuracy of deliveries. 

Pallet management: Comprehensive pallet management services that ensure the efficient organisation, storage, and handling of your palletised goods. 

Advanced security and quality controls: We employ the latest security measures and quality management systems to safeguard your goods and maintain the highest standards of storage and distribution with or without temperature control. 

Customer-centric approach

At LEMAN, we prioritise your needs, offering personalised service and support to ensure a seamless warehousing experience. 


For personal assistance and to explore the full scope of our warehousing solutions, reach out to your dedicated LEMAN contact or our Sales department. Let us demonstrate how our warehousing services can be seamlessly integrated into your supply chain to support and enhance your business operations. 


Experience the convenience and reliability of LEMAN’s warehousing solutions. Book your storage space through an integration with our WMS platform or contact our Sales department for tailored support. Discover the difference LEMAN can make in optimising your warehousing needs and driving your business forward. 

Bo Lindberg Andersen

It is important to us at LEMAN that we, together with our customers, leave an environmental foot- print that is as low as possible.

Bo Lindberg Andersen, Group CEO, LEMAN 

Compliance labelling 

At LEMAN, we recognise the critical importance of compliance labelling in the global marketplace. Ensuring your products meet international standards and regulations is not just about adhering to the law; it’s about opening doors to new markets and opportunities. Our comprehensive compliance labelling services are designed to navigate the complexities of global trade, providing you with the expertise and support needed to ensure your products are fully compliant, no matter where in the world they are headed. 

Selected offerings 

Global standards expertise: Our team is well-versed in international compliance requirements, offering you the knowledge needed to navigate the diverse regulations across different markets. 

Customised labelling solutions: We tailor our compliance labelling services to meet the specific needs of your products and the demands of your target markets, ensuring your goods are always market ready. 

Risk mitigation: By ensuring your products are correctly labelled according to the latest regulations, we help you avoid costly fines and delays, protecting your brand’s reputation and integrity. 

Efficiency and speed: Our streamlined processes ensure that your compliance labelling needs are met with efficiency and speed, minimising the time from production to market. 

Continuous updates: We keep you informed of changing regulations and standards, ensuring your products remain compliant and competitive in the fast-evolving global marketplace. 

Customer-centric approach: At LEMAN, your business objectives are our priority. We provide personalised service and support, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free compliance labelling experience. 


For tailored assistance and to learn more about how our compliance labelling services can benefit your business, reach out to your dedicated LEMAN contact or our Sales department. Let us help you simplify the complexities of global product compliance, ensuring your goods move smoothly and efficiently across borders. 


Secure your products’ compliance and market entry with LEMAN. Book our compliance labelling services through the yourLEMAN platform or contact our Sales department for personalized support. Discover how LEMAN can enhance your product compliance strategy and facilitate your global trade ambitions. 

Complete logistic solution that conform to you
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Customs Brokerage 

At LEMAN, we offer expert customs brokerage services to streamline your international trade operations and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Our team of specialists possesses in-depth knowledge and expertise in customs, Intrastat, and export procedures, allowing us to handle all aspects of customs clearance efficiently and effectively. 

Selected offerings 

Comprehensive expertise: With our team’s extensive experience and up-to-date knowledge of current regulations, you can trust us to manage all your customs-related processes with precision and accuracy. 

Regulatory compliance: We ensure that all regulatory documentation is meticulously prepared and submitted, minimising the risk of delays or penalties, and providing you with peace of mind throughout the customs clearance process. 

Flexible cost structure: Our customs brokerage services are designed to be a variable cost that aligns with your level of activity, allowing you to optimise resources and focus on your core business operations. 

Strategic partnership: By partnering with LEMAN for your customs brokerage needs, you gain a strategic ally dedicated to simplifying your international trade operations and maximising efficiency. 

Customer-centric approach: We prioritise your satisfaction and success, providing personalised support and guidance to address your specific customs requirements and challenges. 


For personal assistance and to learn more about our customs brokerage services, reach out to your dedicated LEMAN contact or contact our Sales department. Let us help streamline your customs clearance processes and ensure smooth international trade operations. 


Experience efficiency and reliability with LEMAN. Easily book your customs clearance services through the yourLEMAN platform or contact our Sales department for tailored support. Discover how LEMAN can optimize your customs operations and drive your business forward. 

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Sustainable Supply Chain Optimisation

We prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility in every aspect of your operations. Our commitment to sustainable supply chain optimisation means we strive to minimise the environmental impact of logistics processes while maximising efficiency.

With our tailored solutions and strategic approach, we help our customers achieve their sustainability goals while optimising their supply chains for long-term success. From eco-friendly transportation options to sustainable packaging solutions, we offer a range of initiatives to support your sustainability objectives. 

And did you know that in yourLEMAN, you can read your CO₂ emissions on each of your shipment, free of charge? 

Partner with LEMAN to take proactive steps towards a more sustainable future for your business and the planet.

Cargo Insurance

At LEMAN, we understand the importance of safeguarding your cargo throughout its journey. While we always prioritise the protection of your goods, the reality of transportation involves various risks, from handling to transit across diverse geographical conditions. 

With our comprehensive cargo insurance solutions, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your goods are fully covered against loss or damage during transit. 

Selected offerings 

One point of contact: Benefit from personalised support with a dedicated contact person responsible for managing your claims and addressing your needs promptly. 

Zero worries: Rest assured that your cargo is fully insured, providing you with full coverage of the invoice value in case of loss or damage. 

Fast claims handling: Experience streamlined processes with swift resolution of insurance cases, minimising disruptions to your operations. 

Attractive prices and good coverage: Partnering with one of the world’s largest global insurance companies enables us to offer competitive rates without compromising on coverage quality. 

Full transparency: Enjoy transparency and clarity with a fixed premium and no deductibles or hidden fees, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free insurance experience. 


For personal assistance and to learn more about our cargo insurance solutions, reach out to your dedicated LEMAN contact or contact our Sales department. Let us help you navigate the complexities of cargo insurance and provide tailored support to safeguard your shipments effectively. 


Experience peace of mind with LEMAN’s cargo insurance offerings. Easily initiate your insurance coverage through the yourLEMAN platform or contact our Sales department for personalised assistance. Discover how LEMAN can protect your cargo and ensure seamless logistics operations from start to finish. 

Need special warehouse facilities? 

Pharma Healthcare

Our specialised pharma healthcare warehousing solutions ensure the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance for your sensitive products, keeping them secure and potent.


Catering to the dynamic needs of the lifestyle sector, our facilities offer flexible storage solutions that support the fast-paced demand and distribution of lifestyle products. 

Fashion & Retail

Precision-driven warehousing for fashion and retail ensures your merchandise is impeccably stored, managed, and ready to meet the seasonal trends and consumer demands. 

Cross border VAT

At LEMAN, we understand the complexities of navigating cross-border VAT requirements in today’s rapidly expanding global marketplace. With the advent of the internet and subsequent ease of geographic expansion, cross-border trading has become a daily reality for businesses of all sizes, including the smallest e-commerce traders. However, the pace of change has left many laws and legislations struggling to keep up, resulting in complex and sometimes outdated rules for import and export across countries.

Authorities demand local VAT representation, and it’s increasingly becoming a rule rather than an exception to have the correct local VAT setup from the start. We ensure you are fully compliant before embarking on international trade is crucial to avoid pitfalls and disruptions to your business.

Selected offerings

Expert guidance: Gain access to our team of VAT experts who will help you navigate the complexities of cross-border VAT regulations, ensuring you have the correct setup to comply with local laws.

Seamless compliance: With our comprehensive VAT solutions, you can ensure your business operations are seamless and fully compliant with international VAT laws and regulations.

Tailored solutions: We understand that each business has unique needs. Our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements for cross-border VAT management.

Proactive updates: Stay ahead with proactive updates on changing VAT laws and regulations in different countries, helping you to anticipate and adapt to changes that could impact your business.

Efficient processes: Benefit from our streamlined processes that simplify the complexity of VAT registration, reporting, and compliance, saving you time and resources.


For personal assistance and to learn more about our cross-border VAT solutions, reach out to your dedicated LEMAN contact or our Sales department. Let us help you simplify the complexities of international VAT compliance and support your business in its global expansion efforts.


Ensure your business is prepared for cross-border trading with LEMAN’s VAT solutions. Initiate your VAT compliance through the yourLEMAN platform or contact our Sales department for tailored assistance. Discover how LEMAN can help you navigate the intricacies of Cross Border VAT and support your international trade ambitions.

Looking for tailored logistics solutions?

At LEMAN, we understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we offer not just logistics services, but partnerships. Our dedicated team is ready to tailor solutions precisely to your unique needs, no matter the industry. Let’s engage in an open and personal dialogue about how we can support your business.

Contact us to experience the difference with our close and personal customer service.