It is important to us at LEMAN that we, together with our customers, leave an environmental foot- print that is as low as possible.

Bo Lindberg Andersen, Group CEO, LEMAN 

Bo Lindberg Andersen

Group CEO

Bo oversees the global strategy and business operations, ensuring LEMAN’s growth and sustainability while maintaining the company’s core values and customer focus.

Michael Schrøder

Group CFO

Michael is responsible for LEMAN’s financial strategy, including budget management, financial reporting, and investment decisions to support the company’s financial strength.

Camilla Miehs

Group CPO

Camilla is charged with steering LEMAN’s people strategy, focusing on talent management, organizational development, and cultivating a workplace culture that supports our core values.

Rikke Ferrari Thomsen

Group CCO

Rikke leads our commercial strategies, fostering growth through marketing, sales excellence, and customer relationship management to expand LEMAN’s market footprint.

Morten Holm

Group CIO

Morten drives the strategic use of IT, optimizing our systems and processes to advance LEMAN’s service delivery through technological innovation and data security.

Bo Jepsen

Group COO, Air & Sea

Bo manages operational execution and strategic oversight of LEMAN’s Air & Sea logistics, ensuring efficiency and compliance in global transport operations.