Another Small Step Towards Sustainability

Welcoming Lithium Forklifts at LEMAN! 🚛

We’re pleased to share a humble update on our ongoing commitment to sustainability at LEMAN. Today, we received the second installment of new lithium battery forklifts at Cross Dock Taulov, representing yet another small stride in the right direction for a greener way of working.

Key Aspects 🗝️

Mindful Environmental Impact 🌱

We’ve added 10 lithium battery forklifts as part of our ongoing efforts to reduce our environmental footprint. These forklifts, with lithium technology, modestly contribute to our goal of greener operations.

Time Efficiency ⏰

In a small but impactful shift, we’re saying goodbye to time-consuming battery replacements. The new charging system allows for more seamless daily operations, freeing up time for loading and unloading our units. Simultaneously, in Greve, we’re replacing 6 forklifts tailored to meet our current production needs.

Practical Operational Benefits ⚙️

These lithium forklifts also offer practical advantages for daily operations. Charging batteries on-the-go, akin to our smartphones, subtly improves production processes. The 10-year battery warranty adds reliability to this modest yet noteworthy upgrade.

At LEMAN, we acknowledge that progress is a collection of small steps, and we appreciate our partners’ and customers’ continued support as we navigate this journey towards a more sustainable future.