Automatic and free CO₂-e emissions report solution is ready for customers

As the European Union gears up to enforce stringent ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) reporting requirements starting from the new year, LEMAN is proud to announce our proactive measures in aligning with the EU’s ‘Green Deal’ initiative.

At LEMAN, sustainability is not just a commitment; it’s a journey. We have successfully slashed our own emissions by 50%, and our ambitions for a greener future continue to grow.

Understanding your impact 🌍

Did you know that as a LEMAN customer, you can access detailed CO₂ emissions data for each of your shipments completely free of charge? In our ongoing efforts to foster transparency and empower our customers, we provide a clear view of the environmental impact associated with all logistics operations.

Seamless ESG Reporting with LEMAN 🚀

In anticipation of the upcoming EU ESG reporting mandates, we are excited to highlight our innovative solution: an automatic system that offers real-time, on-demand access to emissions data – for instance via API. Our commitment to making sustainability reporting easier and more efficient for our customers is at the forefront of our technological advancements.

Our product is designed to support our customers in navigating and complying with the new ESG reporting regulations seamlessly. We understand the importance of sustainability, and we are dedicated to being a strategic partner for businesses seeking to reduce their environmental footprint.

Get in Touch Today 📞

Are you ready for the future of ESG reporting? Reach out to LEMAN today to explore how our cutting-edge solutions can simplify and streamline your ESG reporting process. Whether you have questions about our free CO₂ emissions reports or want to learn more about our automated API system, our team is here to assist you.

Make the transition to a sustainable future with LEMAN – where innovation meets responsibility.