Georg Jensen Damask

We are honored to support Georg Jensen Damask, one of our esteemed Lifestyle customers, through a robust partnership based on deep mutual understanding and trust. We celebrate our collaboration with them as it embodies the strength of personal connections and tailored solutions that truly resonate with their unique needs.

Georg Jensen Damask is a modern design and textiles company with a classic Scandinavian aesthetic. Damask have distribution agreements in 13 countries, online sales to the entire world, and four Danish Georg Jensen Damask stores.

Personal relationships are paramount at Georg Jensen Damask, and this is where LEMAN excels. They truly understand our business by asking the right questions and comprehending our operations deeply. LEMAN has become more than a service provider; they are a pivotal partner in our success.

Jes Andersen, Head of Supply & Fulfilment at Georg Jensen Damask

Gradually shifting more and more logistics to LEMAN was driven by their attractive pricing and seamless service. Their straightforward, reliable solutions have perfectly met our needs at Georg Jensen Damask, streamlining our processes and providing great value.

Jes Andersen,
Head of Supply & Fulfilment
Georg Jensen Damask

“Partnering with LEMAN has brought competitive pricing and seamless service integration, making it a natural choice to increasingly consolidate our logistics with them. Their reliability and the effectiveness of their solutions stand out, significantly enhancing our operations at Georg Jensen Damask.”