LEMAN celebrates its 120th anniversary

120 years of experience and well-prepared for the future

A story of entrepreneurship

On Friday the 16th October 2020, it is 120 years since Paul Lehmann deposited DKK 25 from his private account, acquired a telephone, rented premises in Copenhagen and thus founded the LEMAN Group. Having navigated through two world wars and several global crises, LEMAN can today tell a story of entrepreneurship, acquisitions, globalization, and technological breakthroughs.

During the Group’s 120 years, there have only been six Managing Directors in the director’s chair, most recently Thomas Krøyer, who took up the position as Group CEO in 2014. “The first major acquisition I was involved in, was when we bought DanCargo almost six years ago. Since then, we have doubled the Group and modernized the company on many parameters, and I do hope and believe that we will succeed in developing and expanding even more over the next few years”, says Thomas Krøyer and continues: “Thereby, we can achieve better scalability and become even more resistant to the challenges that may arise along the way”.

Challenges in the anniversary year

During the anniversary year, several challenges have already affected LEMAN. Both the corona pandemic and a subsequent hacker attack have caused challenges. “Our industry is a good state of the market barometer, and therefore, we are quickly affected by changes in world trade,” says Thomas Krøyer. “Corona and the hacking attack has obviously impacted our business. But it has also proven that we have a strong foundation and skilled employees, who can promptly and innovatively adapt the business to the new conditions”.

Ambitious growth strategy aims to double the revenue

Today, LEMAN provides transportation and logistics services to customers all over the world. The Group has approx. 700 employees in Denmark, USA, the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Greenland. LEMAN has recently embarked on a new growth journey, aiming to double the revenue within the next three or six years. “Our strategy is very ambitious, and we expect to achieve a revenue of DKK 5 billion before 2025. Therefore, we will focus on new acquisitions combined with organic growth through quality, service and an improved product range”, concludes Thomas Krøyer.