LEMAN gets intelligent Lithium ION chargers

LEMAN gets intelligent Lithium ION chargers

At LEMAN, the green transition is getting more and more important in our collaboration with customers. A growing number of customers have a green agenda and recognize that internal logistics puts a climate footprint in line with other of the company’s activities. All the time, LEMAN works with new ideas and innovative solutions that bring both us and our customers in a more green and sustainable direction.

We see the latest example of this development at LEMAN in Taulov, where we have just received 11 brand new chargers with Lithium ION batteries, heralding a new era at LEMAN, where the terminals will in future operate with intelligent charging systems with a focus on green energy.

At LEMAN, the green transition is a strategic choice, where we as a global logistics company have initiated many initiatives that support environmental sustainability.

Therefore, the terminal in Taulov is equipped with energy-friendly LED lighting, an upcoming warehouse expansion is planned with solar cells on the roof, and gradually the entire fleet of forklifts for the LEMAN warehouse will be replaced with Lithium ION-powered models from the manufacturer Linde.

“We perceive the Linde models as an important part of our green transition. This new setup helps to reduce our CO₂ emissions, makes it possible to utilize capacity and provides a much more flexible everyday life, where we save both man-hours and hassle with charging,” says Johnny Bermann, Cross Dock Manager at LEMAN.

The new charging system at LEMAN is the result of a major pilot project. An internal working group of LEMAN, external electricians and experts from the partner N.C. Nielsen have together developed the advanced charging system.

“We have gained a better overview of the fleet of forklifts in our warehouse after a good and successful project. We can follow the charging situation and pull valuable information out of the system, and we see that our colleagues have changed behavior and have clearly improved in putting the machines to charge,” says Johnny Bermann.

At LEMAN, the plan is clear. All terminals must eventually have installed intelligent charging systems based on experience from the Taulov project. In order to have the required flexibility, it is necessary to be able to adapt to the changing driving needs of the busy LEMAN terminals.