LEMAN launches new sustainability strategy

For most of 2022, we have, together with external experts, worked on developing a new and updated sustainability strategy that both sets the direction for our focus on the environment and climate and on CSR. Initially, here we launch our results and goals in the ‘green’ area, and later we will present the second half, which consists of the future focus points in the CSR area.

For us, the main point is that we now have a unified strategy for this entire area, where we have determined our level of ambition and have determined specific goals, priorities, and initiatives that we can work with over the coming years.

Having a coherent strategy and clear objectives will help us to prioritize efforts over the coming years and will also show customers and partners that we take this area very seriously.

We see ourselves as a ‘Fast Follower’, and both of those two words are important. We do not have an ambition for ‘industry leadership’ when it comes to sustainability – we leave that to the giants in the industry who have the resources to experiment with new, cutting-edge solutions.

But we also won’t be satisfied with being seen as a foot-dragging follower here. We must be quick to implement solutions that work, and we know have an effect. We must position ourselves right on the heels of the very best, and we will do that.

Over recent years, we have halved our own CO₂ footprint, and with our new strategy we have now set new, clear, and ambitious goals for how we can move forward further. Here you can see our specific objectives:

  • Reduce CO₂-emissions from own operations with 60% by 2030 (baseline 2020)
  • Reduce CO₂-emissions from scope 3 with 30% by 2035 (baseline 2022)
  • Install solar panels on all new buildings (owned)
  • Offer CO₂-compensation to customers
  • Reduce climate impact in partnership with customers

These specific objectives naturally place strict demands on our transformation, but we are ready to pursue this throughout the business, and we will communicate more about the individual elements in the strategy and our implementation of these elements on this page over coming months.