LEMAN opens in Stockholm

LEMAN is now opening another office, and it will be in the Swedish capital. LEMAN Sweden is already established with our national HQ in Helsingborg and an office in Gothenburg so it is very much a natural step to establish an office also in Stockholm.

Greater Stockholm area has a population of over 2,4 million people and therefore has a lot of consumption and imports. Stockholm is also considered the tech center of Sweden with a lot of telecom, IT-companies and digital startups established with their decision-making being done from Stockholm.

For LEMAN this gives us the chance to stay closer to our customers within these segments and to capitalize on the opportunities that arise in this part of the Nordics.

Increased presence strengthens our business

For LEMAN, the opening in Stockholm will mean that we strengthen our presence in one of the most fast-moving and dynamic markets in the Nordics.

We will be able to have a dedicated sales focus on a part of the Nordics that was previously managed from a distance and with no local establishment.

Our own office in Stockholm will open several new opportunities for LEMAN to act on and we constantly see a demand from the market for the customer-service focused forwarding that LEMAN offers to our customers.

Big business opportunities from a Stockholm office

The new branch in Stockholm will be focusing on sales and business development for all LEMAN products. However, the competence that we get from opening in Stockholm is primarily within airfreight, and it is also regarding this product where we see the biggest opportunities.

The market in Stockholm is closely linked to the proximity of Arlanda Airport and the direct routes to key airports around the world.

With the establishment of LEMAN in Stockholm and the competence that we get from our new colleagues we see a great opportunity to increase our consolidations from the Nordics to key markets in North America and Asia.

Customers will benefit from LEMAN opening in Stockholm

Our business model is to stay close to our customers and offer personalized customer service where we combine our competence and digital tools for the best customer experience.

By having our own establishment in Stockholm, we will be able to offer our services to more customers in a part of the Nordics where we earlier were not as active.

Additionally, LEMAN will edge our competence within airfreight significantly and it will have a positive effect for existing and potential customers who are depending on reliable and quick airfreight options to and from the Nordics.