LEMAN presents solid result for 2022

The international transport and logistics company LEMAN, headquartered south of Copenhagen, has just released its Annual Report for 2022. For LEMAN, 2022 was a year of solid profits and a focus on investment and green transition. LEMAN’s revenue in 2022 was DKK 4.1 billion (2021: DKK 3.6 billion), and the profit ended up at DKK 55.4 million (2021: DKK 40.8 million).

The profit enables the company to invest in expanding both business, customer portfolio, presence in several places in the world and, last but not least, employee development.

“2022 was an atypically good year for us and for the entire industry. But the market has stagnated, and this means that we are looking into a somewhat different future, where we cannot expect the same profits. Therefore, the most important thing for us right now is to stay very close to our customers and enhance our ability to serve the market through targeted investments to expand our capabilities, efficiency, capacity and reach,” Group CEO Bo Lindberg Andersen states.

Solid, secure, and good platform

Like most other players in the industry, LEMAN experienced the first half of 2022 as exceptionally strong, while the second half was more challenging, but the company quickly adjusted accordingly, Bo Lindberg Andersen points:

“Our job as a solid and trustworthy business partner is to anticipate and adapt to changed market conditions, and I think we have been both agile and creative in our commitments to keep customers’ goods moving. We now stand with a solid, secure, and good platform for development and investment so that we can further advance our business. I am very confident about LEMAN’s future prospects,” says Bo Lindberg Andersen and concludes:

“In 2022, we invested in our climate efforts, so that we are now climate neutral in relation to our own emissions, and we opened new offices in Gardermoen, Norway and in Taipei. Both important investments that point forward and are a good picture of 2022.”

During 2022, LEMAN had on average 843 employees in 30 offices in 8 countries.

Read the entire annual report via this link.