New pharma trailers set us on the right path towards sustainability

At LEMAN, we’re constantly looking for steps towards a more sustainable future, and our latest initiative is no exception. We’re now excited to introduce 20 new advanced refrigerated trailers to the LEMAN Pharma Road fleet, equipped with state-of-the-art refrigeration technology.

Choosing this refrigeration solution is not just about the technical benefits; it’s a deliberate step towards a more sustainable supply chain. This technology stands out by significantly reducing our CO₂e emissions, achieving fuel savings of around 25% compared to other similar models. It’s the kind of innovation that makes a difference – for our business, our customers, and the environment.

Each trailer is also fitted with dual-temperature capabilities, double deck bars, and an electronic locking system that meets the TAPA TSR1 standard, ensuring that we do not compromise on security while striving for sustainability.

While we’re excited about this development, we recognize it as just one small step in the right direction. Our journey toward a more sustainable future is ongoing, and we continue to seek areas where we can optimize our efforts. We greatly value the collaboration with our customers and business partners, working together to find more sustainable solutions that benefit all parties involved. It’s through these partnerships that we can make a substantial impact, not just within our operations but throughout the global supply chain.