One of Norway’s largest solar cell panel systems to be installed on the roof of LEMAN’s Vestby warehouse

As part of LEMAN’s continuous journey towards a greener future, the company has now put pen to paper and signed a deal that will see the construction of 8,000 square meters of solar cell panels on the roof of its warehouse premises in Vestby, Norway.

The first third-party logistics company to use solar energy

On a yearly basis, the solar cell panels will produce approximately 1,160,000 kWh of renewable energy, which in all will cover about 60 percent of the building’s energy demand.

“It is important to us at LEMAN that we, together with our customers, leave an environmental footprint that is as low as possible. Our building is already BREEAM rated “very good”, something we are proud of. In general, we have a large focus on sustainability. So, to us, installing solar cell panels on the roof is just an obvious choice,” says Christer Busse, CEO of LEMAN Norway and adds:

“Bulk, together with Soleie and Solenergi FUSen, has presented a good solution, which enables us to install a state-of-the-art solar cell panel system. With this agreement, we will be the first commercial 3PL supplier in Norway to use solar energy for energy consumption”.

The construction will be completed in the fall of 2021, and the project will be realized in close collaboration with Bulk Infrastructure Group, Soleie, and Solenergi FUSen.