Security in a turbulent world

LEMAN’s cargo insurance delivers assurance

Embark on a worry-free journey with LEMAN’s cargo insurance – a product designed with your peace of mind in focus. As a 124-year-old global logistics company, we comprehend the challenges of international freight transport, and we take pride in offering our customers a well-established and refined cargo insurance solution, a product that we have continuously developed over the years.

Comprehensive cargo insurance: Tailored coverage

LEMAN’s cargo insurance provides broad coverage, empowering you to safeguard your shipments comprehensively. Whether your goods are moved by sea, land, air, or rail, our flexible options allow you to insure them for a percentage of the total sum insured. The advantages are abundant, offering you the freedom to choose between individual shipment coverage or opt for an annual plan.

Safeguarding shipments through geopolitical uncertainties

In times of geopolitical uncertainties, cargo insurance emerges as a vital shield for your shipments. As the global landscape experiences shifts and changes, ensuring the security of your goods becomes paramount. Unexpected events and liability issues can quickly escalate into costly affairs, underscoring the importance of securing your cargo.

When is it worth insuring your goods?

Our clear recommendation is to opt for cargo insurance, providing a safety net against unforeseen incidents and liability concerns. The value and weight of your cargo play pivotal roles in this decision. Consider a high-value yet lightweight item like a computer chip – its real value far exceeds its weight, making it crucial to ensure adequate compensation in case of damage or loss.

Understanding the risks as a cargo owner

Many are unaware that, during transportation, cargo owners bear the greatest risk. International conventions and national laws often limit the carrier’s liability, leaving cargo owners entitled to only symbolic compensation in case of loss or damage. With LEMAN’s cargo insurance, this narrative changes, providing you with coverage of the invoice value.

Secure your cargo, secure your peace of mind

In a world where uncertainties abound, LEMAN’s cargo insurance stands as a beacon of assurance for your shipments. Enjoy peace of mind with swift claims handling and full compensation in typical cases of damage or loss during transport.

Choose security. Choose LEMAN. Contact us today.