Skargards never has to worry about logistical or geographical challenges

To my knowledge, LEMAN is yet to say no to handle a delivery. They can serve us in all countries and have a thorough understanding of our product portfolio and know exactly what to have in mind when transporting our different models. It requires specialist knowledge since our products can be customized and are big and odd-sized

Mark Durville, Customer Service & Sales at Skargards.
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Premium Swedish wood-fired hot tubs
With an unwavering focus on quality and innovation, Skargards has since 2007 produced premium wood-fired hot tubs and raised the bar within the industry. To them, it is of utmost importance to give their customers a unique experience and provide great service in all aspects of the purchasing and ownership process. Therefore, it was decided to have full control of the whole value chain, except for the transportation and logistics part, where the global freight forwarding company LEMAN is the preferred partner.

When every delivery requires very special handling
“To us, it is very important that our customers get a premium experience. Therefore, it is essential to have a transportation and logistics partner, which is on the same page as us and has the same understanding of good customer experience as we do, since the partner is directly in contact with our customers to schedule the exact date and time of delivery. In my opinion, we have found a good match with LEMAN,” says Mark Durville, Customer Service & Sales at Skargards.

The wood-fired hot tubs are delivered to all corners of Europe – from the Scottish Highlands to areas like the car-free city Zermatt in the Swiss Alps. However, with LEMAN, Skargards never has to worry about logistical obstacles or geographical challenges.  

LEMAN is reliable, and we value the personal contact we have with them. They are flexible and proactive in the way they act and communicate. We usually get quick answers and most cases are solved in a timely manner. Lastly, we appreciate the short delivery times; most shipments are delivered throughout Europe within a week, sometimes within a couple of days

Mark Durville
Customer Service & Sales at Skargards.
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