Celebrating the Grand Opening of our Expanded Warehouse Facilities in Taulov, Denmark

Celebrating the Grand Opening of our Expanded Warehouse Facilities in Taulov, Denmark

We are delighted to announce the grand opening of our expanded warehouse facilities in Taulov, Denmark. These state-of-the-art facilities have been built to the highest standards, designed to enhance our capabilities, and offer new opportunities for LEMAN and our valued customers. Everything is now fully operational, thoroughly tested, and has passed all trials with flying colors.

Facility Specifications

The new facility features two expansive halls, each covering 2,000 m², equipped with a total of 36 new gates, including 6 specialized gates that allow trailers to drive in and be loaded from the sides. With a ceiling height of 10 meters, these halls significantly boost our flexibility and open up various development opportunities within logistics.

Technology and Security

To streamline the handling of goods, the halls are fitted with ceiling-mounted barcode systems that efficiently manage incoming and outgoing shipments. Additionally, we have implemented a video system from DIVIS, enhancing security and allowing continuous tracking of goods through the Cross Dock.

Efficiency and Environment

In our ongoing commitment to efficiency and sustainability, we have invested in a conveyor belt system for unloading loose cartons and an improved air system for inflating airbags to secure loads in sea containers. Furthermore, all our forklifts now run on lithium batteries, optimizing both our operations and environmental footprint.

Infrastructure and Accessibility

Outside the facility, a new driveway has been constructed to improve traffic management on-site, supporting the project’s full completion by early 2025. We are also building a snow bridge to independently clear snow and ice from trailer roofs, ensuring safer road traffic.

System Updates and Challenges

Alongside the physical expansion, we have upgraded our internal Cross Dock IT system to ensure optimal processing. Despite some challenges, our collaboration with CJ Group and OBH has been exemplary, leading to constructive solutions and timely completion.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to completing this project on time. Your dedication and collaborative spirit have been instrumental in achieving this milestone. As we move forward, LEMAN is excited to welcome new customers and partners to utilize our enhanced facilities. We can already feel the growing interest, and we look forward to the new possibilities this expansion brings. LEMAN is your one-stop-shop for road, rail, sea, air, express, and logistics solutions, proudly driven by our dedicated team.