Today, LEMAN opens in Mexico

To meet developments in the market and to strengthen LEMAN’s opportunities to service customers in North and South America, the doors opened to LEMAN Mexico this morning. The office is located in Querétaro.

A large economy with even greater potential

The extension to Mexico is logical because of the development that Mexico is going through these years.

“Mexico is a hugely interesting country for us as freight forwarders for several reasons. With 130 million inhabitants and therefore consumers, Mexico is a thriving economy and therefore a growing and more important market, and in addition it will strengthen our business in the US, as there are many synergies between the two large countries,” Carlos Alatorre Bautista, CEO, LEMAN Mexico explains.

The new CEO further states that there is great potential, especially due to nearshoring caused by the geopolitical situation and the disruption in the supply chain that has set in recent years. Part of the production of goods is thus expected to move from Asia to e.g. Mexico.

“Mexico is the 11th largest economy in the world, with significant foreign trade and significant growth potential, especially for cross-border trade to and from the US, and Mexico’s foreign trade will benefit from the global trend towards nearshoring,” emphasizes Carlos Alatorre Bautista.

LEMAN covers the world

To manage our activities in Mexico, we have Carlos Alatorre Bautista, a very experienced country manager with broad experience from the industry. He highlights LEMAN’s broad experience and presence as important strengths in the Mexican market:

“Whether your company imports goods from China, exports goods to Europe, engages in cross-border trade with the US or something else entirely, we are experts because we have done it before with success. As one of our main markets, we have had our own offices in the United States for more than 50 years, and in addition we cover the rest of the world either with our own offices or through agents,” says Carlos Alatorre Bautista and concludes:

“We are strongly represented with offices in many countries in both Europe and Asia, and these solid networks give us an immediate advantage in the Mexican market.”

In the spring, LEMAN presented our best annual result ever and has since announced that our strategy is to invest the profit in even better representation in the core markets of Europe, North America, and Asia.