We welcome new Swiss colleagues to the LEMAN group

From January 1st, LEMAN welcomes the Swiss freight forwarding company Nauta SA as part of the growing LEMAN Group. The integration marks an important milestone in LEMAN’s strategy to expand its presence and expertise worldwide.

“With this integration, we will strengthen our position as a global freight forwarding company and achieve significant business benefits. Both companies, Nauta and LEMAN, share remarkable similarities in their business models, and the sound and solid nature of Nauta as an established player in the industry opens up significant opportunities for synergies and strengthening of LEMAN’s position on the international market,” says Bo Lindberg Andersen , Group CEO of LEMAN.

Nauta SA, headquartered in Pratteln, Switzerland, was founded in 1947 and has built a solid reputation as a reliable forwarding and logistics company. Nauta has a strong brand in Switzerland, which is why the 80 new colleagues, spread over six offices, will continue under the Nauta brand for now, but as part of the LEMAN Group with full access to all the group’s resources.

“For Nauta, this integration means that we become part of the LEMAN Group with access to a global customer portfolio and the positive benefits that come with it. The integration with LEMAN also provides great benefits, as we become part of a global network that opens doors to new collaboration opportunities, expanded resources, support from the LEMAN Group and increased expertise.” All in all, we see the new opportunities very positively,” states Rene Wernli, CEO of Nauta SA.

Both companies are already engaged in transforming our business models towards becoming more modern and more people-centric, which shows in an increased focus on flexibility, work-life balance, freedom and trust as shared values that will drive growth and development of the new LEMAN.